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Poker Lingo

Learn some of the poker lingo that is going around and talk poker like a pro.

All-in - When a player bets all his/her chips

Bad Beat - When a hand is beaten by a lucky draw

Big Slick - A hand that contains an A-K

Call - To match the last bet made
Check - Choosing not to bet, but to see what the other players at the table will do
Community Cards - Cards that are dealt onto the table for all players to use

Fifth Street - Also known as the 'river' card. In flop games, this represents the fifth community card on the table and the final round of betting. In Stud games, this is the fifth card dealt to each player and represents the third round of betting

Fold - To throw away your hand or to quit the game

Grinding - Playing in a style with minimal risk and modest gains over a long period of time

Hole Cards - Player’s cards which are face down and cannot be seen by the other players

Kicker - The highest unpaired side card in a player’s hand

Limper -The first player who calls a bet

Long Shot - Making a hand despite having few outs and/or poor odds

Maverick - The name of a Queen and Jack in the pocket. Suited or otherwise.

On the Button - Being the last player to act in a betting round. Dealer's Position.

Nuts - The best hand you can get during that round of play
Playing the Board - In flop games, when your best five card hand is all five of the community cards.

Pot - The total amount of money being bet in a game, available for the players to win
Raise - To raise the bet that another player at the game has placed
Under the Gun
-Being the first person to act, being in the earliest position


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