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Tiger Gaming Bad Beat

What Is a Bad Beat?
A bad beat is a situation when you have the cards that could win you the hand, but you end up being beaten. The better your hand that gets beaten, the bigger the bad beat. To qualify for a bad beat, you need to lose a hand holding four eights or better and to use both hole cards in doing so.

What is the Bad Beat Jackpot?
The bad beat jackpot is a special jackpot that is set aside for the victim of the bad beat. At the bad beat jackpot tables, every round, a small portion of the pot is set aside and added to the bad beat jackpot. When a bad beat happens, the "winner" of the bad beat receives a portion of the jackpot and so do the other players at the table.

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Tiger Gaming's Bad Beat Jackpot
If you are playing at an Tiger Gaming bad beat jackpot table, you will be eligible to win part of the bad beat jackpot if a bad beat strikes. A certain percentage of the pot is removed every hand and added to the bad beat jackpot so that it grows in size with every round.

Not all tables play the bad beat jackpot. If you would like to be eligible for a bad beat jackpot, you must sit at the specific tables that are designated as such. These tables will have "jackpot" written in brackets after the table name and they will be clearly categorized in the lobby in red print. Bad beat jackpots are available at all different table levels so players from beginners to pros can enjoy this option.

The Tiger Gaming bad beat jackpot is allotted as follows:
25% of the jackpot rolls over for the next bad beat jackpot.
10% is paid to the house.

The 65% of the jackpot that remains is divided between the players at the table. It is divided as follows:
50% is paid to the "winner" of the bad beat hand.
25% is paid to the winner of the hand.
$1,000 is paid to each of the other players at the table who are sitting in at the time of the bad beat.
The remainder of the amount is paid to every player who is playing the same game type and stakes when the bad beat occurs, as long as they meet the requirements.

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